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Boink helps you have the fun and fulfilling sex life you deserve.

By bringing together the wisdom of experts with the power of smartphone technology, Boink brings you the sexuality information and tools you need, wherever and whenever you need them. 





Boink is a one-of-a-kind sex education app that allows users to access accurate, non-judgmental, personalized sex information at their fingertips. Instead of reading long impersonal articles about sexual health and pleasure, users are guided through a series of tailored questions aimed at getting to the root of their problem.

Boink is co-founded by Francisco Ramirez, MPH and Elise Schuster, MPH, long-time sexuality educators who believe that mobile technology is an ideal way to deliver sex information. With over 200 questions and answers written, Boink is in development and will be available for your smartphone soon. 




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Francisco Ramirez, MPH

For more than 15 years, Francisco has responded to the sexual health and public health needs of diverse communities worldwide. A long-term consultant with the United Nations, he leads training, education and research efforts in multiple languages and more than a dozen countries.

Since 2008 Francisco has offered #FreeSexAdvice to passersby in New York City parks and streets.

Francisco also serves as a prominent voice in the media on sexual health. He is an on-camera host and producer of sexuality-related content at MTV and has guest-hosted the Savage LoveCast with Dan Savage. Learn more at or follow on Twitter (@FranciscoNYC) or Facebook.


Elise Schuster, MPH

With over 10 years of sexuality-based health education experience, Elise has developed sexuality curriculum for adolescents, physicians and health educators. With a decade of experience at Babeland, Elise has taught over one hundred sex-positive workshops, developed staff trainings and spearheaded Babeland’s new media ventures. 

Elise has regularly appeared on Cosmo Radio and other Sirius radio programs. Elise also assisted with the writing of Moregasm: Babeland’s Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex.

Currently, Elise works in comprehensive youth development for one of the largest youth service organizations in New York City. Elise’s work includes sexual & reproductive healthcare, LGBT programming, and training and professional development.



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